Refund Policy

Refund Policy

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Refunds - Because of Digital/ Virtual Resources, we don't entertain any refund against any successful purchase except duplicate purchase.

  • In case of Unsuccessful download after payment, you can download the product later from your dashboard.
  • In case of Successful payment, but failed purchase, send us your transaction id/screenshot of successful payment via whatsapp +919064244341 at this number. We'll response within 3 hour.
  • In case of Unsuccessful payment, where amount has been deducted , the amount will be refunded back to your account within 7 business days/ as per your bank's policy.
  • At Chitrolipi, we ensure that the Resources are as it is described in Details. Please read detailed descriptions thoroughly before making a purchase. Software versions, Color Mode, Resolutions etc parameters are crucial for design resources, and we can't exchange/ change if the description & files are same, but you Thought/ Expected something else. If you have got any broken/ incomplete file, you can download that resource again from dashboard.
  • But in case of multiple purchases of the same resource , you can:
  • a) get a refund, or
  • b) get another resource of your choice of equal value.
  • After you've got access to the resource, if the file is lost due to computer format/ mobile format or corruption, login to your account & download previously purchased files.
  • If there is any product upgrade or bug fixing, you can get the upgraded version as per the product update policy.
  • You are advised to store your Account username & passord in a safe place or memorise it
  • If you reopen your Account you'll lost access to previous Account's resources. Refunds - Because of Digital/ Virtual Resources, we entertain no refund on any product.
  • Said Refund Policy is provided through our website in open access. Please note that when purchasing a product through our website you are, as a customer, considered to be aware of our Refund Policy statements.

    Last Updated 05th April, 2024

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